Well, even if it's a recreation -- departing from the text, per se --
it could be boring to some, and interesting to others. Here's
something at the Forum which I find a delight to read -- both
Diana's observation and Rick's recreation :
>> This is a verbose street-lamp! I never realized how it skirts the
>> ridiculous until I saw it isolated in your message. It also,
>> deliberately or not, illustrates the constructivist belief that
>> perceptions are determined by the psychological state of the
>> subject. The same street-lamp would no doubt be heard to say quite
>> different things to another perceiver.

     > Half-past three,
      >The street-lamp sputters
     > The street-lamp says, 'Regard that man
    >  that crawls the gutters
     > Listen to that man as he mutters
     > "Where the f*** did I drop that key?"'

    > Rick Parker
It's a critical reading too -- funny, mocking, absurd -- but it has a right to it.
Where some would see madness, others might see reason in madness.

Carrol Cox <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
 It makes sense to me that a reader should formulate his/her own
sense of a text's coherence, but I am just infinitely bored by making up
new poems out of individual images, which makes any kind of even
provisional coherence impossible.

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