I objected--and still do--to the "We who are struggling. . . . If you
don't like what we do. . . ."  It says--whether intended or not--that
there is a "we" who are central here and he can like it or leave.  You
did not say "We who employ speculation"; you said "We who are struggling
to understand," as if that did not include others.   I'm not addressing
what you do or like or believe:  I'm addressing the assumptions in that
reaction to Carrol.

Nancy, if some of us find it helpful to veer off into speculations about
what elements in Eliot's work might mean, I think it is our right to
employ that method. Eliot freed his imagination, and if some of our
associations are arbitrary and wrong-headed, well that is the price paid
for thinking outside the box. I offer my "take" on his words in order to
get more information. I often change my interpretation after being
corrected by other listers, which is one of the benefits of such a list.
Why carry around some misguided idea about what Eliot meant, when I can
expose my belief to the list and be either reinforced or disabused of
it? I don't offer my interpretations as correct; I'm asking what others

No one owns this list, as far as I know. By "we" I meant those of us
employing the speculative method to which Carrol objected. His remarks
addressed an approach to Eliot's work that he found undocumentable; my
remarks addressed his approach to our approach. Neither of our
criticisms were ad hominum.  Diana


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