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Just because the englsh MAN is a cognate of the german MANN
does not mean that the German word carries any of the same meanings
or connotations. In German Das Mann, as I take it, means HUMAN.
The word with sexual dimension is MENSCH.

Using the word GENDER here is very confusing. Strcitly
speaking, gender is an attribute of words -- words can be male,
female, neuter. People are indeified by sex, male or female.

I know that the politically correct police have tried to coopt
gender for various power and control porpoises, but I for
one am not buying it.

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> I'm not sure why you refer to the German impersonal "you" as
> "annoyingly gendered".
> At least in German, what is commonly - and annoyingly - used in
> English as "man" becomes "*Das* Mann" - *neuter* gender.
> My own prejudices were surprised when I expected "Der Mann", and
> learned "Das Mann".
> :-)
> Charles
> At 12:36 PM -0400 7/10/07, Nancy Gish wrote:
> >But that is Diana's point:  in German the impersonal "you" would be
> >written as "Mann":  annoyingly gendered but accurate.  I am not sure it
> >matters that he chose the "you" but "one" is a bit stuffy in a
> >conversation.  In any case, according to Valerie Eliot, "his description
> >of the sledding, for example, was taken verbatim from a conversation he
> >had with this niece and confidant of the Austrian Empress Elizabeth."
> >
> >Eliot was staying in Germany and spoke German, but she may well have
> >spoken English.  So it is not clear whether or not Marie simply said
> >"you."
> >
> >Nancy
> >
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