The EPR was suggested by Einstein etal in the 1930's as a challenge to
Quantum Mechanics.  It was based on the seeming contradictions regarding
spin. Spin implies nonlocality of action.  Einstein felt this could not be.
In the 1960's John Bell proposed a set of experiments which would either
show Einstein right or wrong.  In the 1980's Alain Aspect performed Bell's
experiments and beyond any doubt showed Einstein wrong.  End of EPR.  

The way reality is at the Quantum level is not commonsensical to those of us
that live in the macroworld.

Einstein was wrong.  That does not mean that your discussants were wrong
about Quantum Mechanics being incomplete.  It is. It has no theory of

The whole search within the physical sciences for a "Unified Field Theory"
is about completing Einstein's work and Quantum Mechanics.

Rick Seddon
Portales, NM