Just wanted to thank you all for your input, I have quite a bit to research now, will get back with you all when I get it all together and do something with it.

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Goodness gracious. A non-Salem witch, non Puritan point of view.
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> Nancy Gish wrote:
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> > If you mean secondary sources, I'm not sure at the moment, but there are
> > two sources at least in Eliot to look at.  The section of Prufrock that
> > Eliot never published, "Prufrock's Pervigilium," (it's in INVENTIONS OF
> > THE MARCH HARE) is much more explicit about the narrator being in a red
> > light district:
> >
> > And when the evening woke and stared into its blindness
> > I heard the children whimpering in corners
> > Where women took the air, standing in entries--
> > Women, spilling out of corsets, stood in entries
> (Bibliographical material from memory). Susie Bright, et al some years
> ago published a text entitled _Caught Looking_ which was a sort of
> combined history and feminist defense of pornography,* mostly in
> photographs. Someplace in it there is a photgraph, taken I presume in
> the 'old' Times Square neighborhood in NYC, of a woman standing in the
> entryway of a shop, the neon signs for which include one which
> proclaims "Live Sex."  That photograph should give a vivid illustration
> of one possible force of the last two of these quoted lines.
> Carrol
> *It was one of the texts in the "sex wars" that raged among feminists in
> the 1980s/90s.
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