At 02:12 PM 7/11/2007, Carrol Cox wrote:

> > At 10:15 AM 7/11/2007, Diana Manister wrote:
> >
> > >I tend to believe that he was conscious of the contextual implications of
> > >his characters' spoken' words

> >
>Correct. Except it doesn't bite.

   Sort of my point, at least that it shouldn't bite, but often, seemingly, 
does. Don't really understand your "direct line" notion. No "to" or too 
abstract maybe.

Ken A.

>That is, there is no direct line from
>this little truism (which also applies to Eddie Guest, Barbara Cortland,
>Margaret Mitchell, The Sweet Singer of Michigan, et al) and _any_
>specific statement about anything in the poem, since _context_ is
>_always_ at issue for any particular line or speech.