Nonetheless, Sosostris is right in at least one of her readings! Diana

Peter Montgomery <[log in to unmask]> wrote:  

Has anyone ever noticed that not only did/does Madame Sosostris
not find The Hanged Man, neither does she find the fool.
And her remark, "Fear death by water" exposes the ignorance of
this "wisest woman in Europe" about the spiritual significance of
such a death brought out in Part IV of the poem.
To me, Madame Sosostris is a deliberate representation of the secular
tendency in contemporary life which Eliot was to say (in 'Religion and
Literature' ) is wholly ignorant of "our most fundamental and important
beliefs", and which is "simply unaware of, simply cannot understand
the meaning of, the primacy of the supernatural over the natural life:
of something which I assume to be our primary concern".

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