At the risk of sounding dottier than I do, I'll tell you about a dog I had who did try to say two human words. As a puppy she would find me and indicate by whining and body language that she wanted me to follow her, usually to where she knocked a toy or a biscuit under the furniture. I started asking her "what do you want?"

Gradually she started making a sound when she fetched me that sounded eerily like "want." I worked with her, half-seriously trying to teach her to say "I want." Well she did say two syllables; the second was "ah" and the first was very close to "I." Whenever she wanted something, she would stand in a certain bright-eyed, tail-wagging way and say her two syllables over and over until she got what she wanted.

America's Funniest Home Videos had a dog who said "I love you." That was spooky.


Peter Montgomery wrote:
> which, btw, has an informative discussion of Le Petomane in the end.

And, despite me moving "Death by Water" around, that is where I think
a Le Petomane discussion should be. ;-)

And while off topic already, let me mention my dog and language.
He makes a number of sounds for different things but he actually
seems close to getting to language when he wants something.
When he wants to do something, like to play or to go out, he gives
out a woo-woo. If he wants something, like a ball or food, he
adds on another woo.

    Rick Parker

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