Richard, many thanks for the information and suggestions! Much appreciated. Will get the Popper and the Susskind. I'm interested in two phenomena or facts especially: that at the speed of light there is no time, and that the response of two particles to each other at distant locations occurs faster than the speed of light, i.e., in no time. Light outrunning time appeals to my imagination! Again, thanks. Diana



I don’t think Quantum Mechanics views time as a subjective.  The reason time independent Quantum Mechanics ignores time is that it is simply not relevant to the particular study.  Relativistic QM and Time dependent QM both need and use time in their studies.  A person who studies QM with time independent equations simply chooses the problems he/she wants to study based on whether time seems relevant.


QM is ultimately explainable only through the use of higher math.  I would be cautious and require that my sources are mathematically literate.  There is an enormous amount of quasi science bandied about as QM.   


Please don’t ignore  Popper.  Whether you agree with him or not he is probably the most thought provoking of all the authors I recommended. 


BTW  if you like to read this sort of stuff “The Cosmic Landscape” by Leonard Susskind is a very recent book which I recommend highly.   


Rick Seddon

Portales, NM


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