This is so absurd, Carrol, but if you really believe this, I wonder why you continue to live in this awful, criminal country.
Those Iraqi factions are patriots properly resisting a criminal foreign

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Kate Troy wrote:
> I wonder how Eliot would see the current war:Â  Young american
> soldiers die every day while around them the various Iraquis factions
> wound and kill each other along with the women and
> children, and outside terrorist cells encourage and enage in the
> scenario while in Amerca, this is all but ignored, as the news of
> the day is how Paris Hilton is faring in prison.Â

Those Iraqi factions are patriots properly resisting a criminal foreign
aggression. There is also unfortunately a civil war, but that is almost
always one of the effects of foreign occupation. The French Resistance
killed something like 3 or 4 Frenchmen for every German they killed.

As to how Eliot would see it -- I can give the same answer I gave 40
years ago to my 10 year old daughter when she asked me if I would have
voted for Lincoln if I had been alive in 1860. I replied that if I had
been alive then I wouldn't be me. Or what a French anthropologist said
about the human species (humanity does not _have_ a history; it _is_ its
history) can also be said of individuals: I don't _have_ a history; I
_am_ my history. Ditto Eliot, and his history did not include the U.S.
aggression in the mideast.


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