"They can see I'm a lost cause,
an Irishwoman, a lover of Yeats - but unfaithful."

And with the most bank-clerkley of Englishmen!

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Subject: TS Eliot -- abiding popularity

Dear Listers,
It's interesting to learn how well Eliot's poety is being received
by the current generation of readers.  I'm scanning the web
to know the different reasons for which they admire it.
Just a sample ! 
Independent, The (London),  Nov 17, 2006  by Josephine Hart
An extract :
It felt like a betrayal and it was, according to my Irish friends.
"Eliot? Your favourite poet? Not Yeats? How can you?"
"The heart has its reasons," I say. That's not good enough for the Irish. 
"Perhaps I simply fell in love with his conversation; after all, he once
described poetry once as 'one person talking to another'.  Anyway,
I trust him.  He's right about most things."
We don't get much further than that. They can see I'm a lost cause,
an Irishwoman, a lover of Yeats - but unfaithful.

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