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Kate, you have absolutely and utterly no basis for what you call a belief.  Only trials can determine innocence or guilt--as far as possible--and in America we have a presumption of innocence.  By all standards of American law and principle and eethics, they are all presumed innocent.  It is deeply wrong to claim they are not when you have nothing at all but a totally unbased opinion.  No one is there because they have been convicted of anything.  People are arrested and tried to find out if they are guilty not because they are.

Yes--to everyone, I know this is pointless, but sometimes one must be a witness and refuse to read such a thing in silence.

As that is everything I mean to say or I think worth saying, I don't mean to get pulled into another set of exchanges.

Nancy, I believe that I do have a basis for saying that Gitmo is not filled with the innocent, but I agree with you, that they all should be charged and then trials held with each of them having counsel, etc.  If they were being held in Florida, just 90 miles away, they would not be held this way, without charges, representation and trials.  But, as they are not Americans and as they are being held outside of America, Americans in general accept this unAmerican treatment of them. 

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