I don't know whether I should be writing this -- 
  I have been too moved (by tears) this whole day --
  stunned -- by that moment which is of "personal daring". 
  I wonder how one can be so daring in one's magnanimity,
  wisdom, and humility.  Most of this poet's oeuvre kept
  rotating like an unbelievable story of daring -- moral daring
  that is not in the least a sign of weak-kneed cowardice -- 
  for cowards cannot be so truthful as to risk infamy -- 
  but this goes beyond infamy or praise.  It brings
  me to the meditative incantation of FQ.
  Thanks for strumming the note.
  Best regards,

Marcia Karp <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
  Nancy Gish wrote:

>In any case, daring
>moments are not very present in any of the poetry, and when they are
>possible, whoever is speaking tends to fail. 

Dear Nancy,
You must be speaking in terms of subject or illustration. //Who can 
know the dares another might take in his writing? --those moments that 
are of personal daring. In any work that stand out from the mass of 
works, it is likely that many such moments are in fact present.// They 
may be grammatical or typographical; they needn't be biographical, for 
instance, to be daring to the dare-er.


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