Why?  I think it might be valuable to read Richard Badenhousen's book, T. S. ELIOT AND THE ART OF COLLABORATION (Cambridge, 2004)  The opening sentence defines his thesis:  "This book identifies collaboration as a life-long operating procedure in T. S. Eliot's theory and practice, and it also illustrates the various ways he resisted that same assistance."  

I have only looked at it and have it on my list to read this summer, but he looks at the entire lifetime of work, not just TWL.  Clearly it is not just a toss-off comment.

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Peter wrote
"Collaborator is yet another of those almost cliché groups into
which one is tempted to put Pound just so one can delude
oneself into thinking the phenom. has been explained."

I agree totally. 

Rick Seddon
Portales, NM