cadavre exquis ?
That corpse you planted last year in your garden,
Has it begun to sprout ?  Will it bloom this year ?
A Note on the Exquisite Corpse
Pierre Schneider
Yale French Studies, No. 2, Modern Poets: Surrealists, Baudelaire, Perse, Laforgue (1948), pp. 85-92
An Excerpt
   "We remember the cadavre exquis, if at all, as a parlor-game fashionable two ecades or so ago. Perhaps it still tumbles out of the closet from time to time, at moments of acute social ennui.  Usually, it lies buried alongside the charades and musical chairs dear to our fathers. Yet the cadavre exquis was anything but an innocent jeux de société, some artists went so far as to expect a miraculous flora to bloom on it. What I suspect is not so much the cadavre exquis' early death, as its burial, so hurried and hushed that it prevented what might have been a revealing autopsy. The truth is that the cadavre exquis was of an infinitely more explosive essence than the most piquant of parlor-games, and that it raised questions which people were only too glad not to answer.
   Cadavre exquis isan excellent illustration of the currently popular axiom that some wholes are qualitatively different from their component parts. Thus it presents the remarkable peculiarity that it is always necessarily beyond the individuals who contrive it."
Just a sidelight !

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