Samuel Beckett's revised aphorism:
"We had no idea ars longa was such a Malebolge".
(Malebolge, a place in Dante's Hell, Inferno 18.1)

Diana Manister <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
But Kate, how frequently can your cable go out for 24 years?  Ars may be longa but life is short. Diana
Kate wrote: "Not a bad idea since it's been happening so frequently as of late.¬  I'll send the cable company a fax or email to that effect."
Regards.  Kate

Kate wrote:
"We had a bad storm yesterday and the cable was out for over 24 years, "

Kate I would definitely ask for a reduction in my cable bill. Diana

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> Kate Troy wrote:
> Well, Rick, yes, there happens to be beach nearby, but I don't hang
> much at the beach in summer; it's a little hot.¬  But, I can always
> read it while hibernating inside the house.¬  In Florida, people
> hibernate in summer, not winter.

In central illinois about the only decent time not to hibernate is in
the fall. We have wonderful falls, but in the 'spring' there is often
not much of a break between the day we turn off our furnace and the day
we turn on our air conditioning. Once or twice it has been less than 24

We had a bad storm yesterday and the cable was out for over 24 years, which in our case means¬  the computer¬ was also out, not an unusual circumstance in summer.¬  My husband is on his second book in two days.¬  His first one was a biography on Dashiel Hammett.¬  He started to read a novel that I had on the shelf, The Red Tent, but threw it aside after a couple of pages.¬  He was reading short stories by Fitzgerald, but the¬ cable was turned on at about 4:00 this afternoon, just before everyone came home from work.¬  ha ha.¬ The cable company didn't want¬ hundreds of angry phone calls. ¬ And, I hear that it's a temporary fix. Lightening struck at one of its main transmitters on this island and destroyed it completely.¬ There was a fire.¬  But, now it's back on and I hear the Red Sox in the background.¬  ESPN was kind enough to feature them tonight and it is¬ comforting to hear them in the background of my life.¬  But, both my husband and I definitely read a lot more in summer than winter due to weather considerations. When it's not lightening, the sun is burning and the humidity is soaring. But, it's also very beautiful.¬  Everything is green outside and the tropical landscaping and flowers are magnificent.¬  The storms last only an hour or so; then¬ the world outside becomes very still, and¬ sultry and romantic .¬  We go out for evening walks. It's the season for evening walks.¬  It's the season for flopping on the sofa with a book in the afternoon,¬ gazing up now and then outside at the hibiscus and the bougainvillea bushes, and to¬ hear in the background, not the birds that playing outside my front door¬ on the sea¬ grape trees¬ or the boats¬ pulling into the back bay and¬ sounding their horns, for I have the air conditioning on, but¬ an enthusiastic voice informing me that¬ Big Papi just¬ did¬ another home run.

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