Ah, then you are speaking of temper, which I believe is an entirely  
different matter than surrendering to an impulse that cannot be retracted.   I think 
that you are younger then me.  I'm like 41.  I'll tell you of  my two 
"insignificant" moments today.  As I was leaving for the office  today, I was looking 
at my painting of Princess Diana.  From behind me, my  husband said:  It's 
good; you got her, but the mouth is a little off.   I turned to him and said, 
rather sarcastically:  Don't you think  that I know that.  I didn't say "Duh," but 
it was there hanging in the  air unsaid.  He's my biggest fan and my biggest 
critic.  This  impulse hardly changed our lives and, in fact, was immediately 
retracted with a  "goodbye for the day" kiss.  The second incident occurred at 
the market on  way home.  I surrendered to impulse and placed that gorgeous 
chocolate item  in my basket.  But, the fact that I ran two miles in 90 degree 
heat on  Saturday and Sunday retracted that impulse beforehand.
Rick, if you are speaking of "office politics" matters and stupid things  
people say and responding with anger, etc., I finally learned after years and  
years and years:  Live and Let Live. 
P.S.  In examining my painting tonight, I noted that I made Diana's  breasts 
too large.  She was well built, but I gave her more than is  her due.  My 
husband didn't mention this error. ha ha.
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Recklessly  impulsive and full of duh! Moments  but not usually  foolish. 
Rick  Seddon 
Portales,  NM 
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Why  just today I've already had several moments which in retrospect  were
awful moments of surrender to impulse that nothing can  retract.  I just have
to live with it and think of it as a friend  selector.  My friends, the ones
who stay by me, have had to learn to  put up with lots of duh! Moments.  I
still feel rotten about them  until I forget and commit another.  Somehow TSE
manages to remind me  of the worst ones every time I read this passage.  

Rick  Seddon
Portales, NM 

You've  had several moments today which is retrospect were awful moments of 
surrender  to impulse that nothing can retract?  That's so unbelievable, unless 
you  are speaking of a bad temper. Can you elaborate a  little?

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