I had no intention of diminishing Pound's contribution.  I just wanted to
put it in a more proper perspective than that of "primary writer".  

In the same light I have difficulty accepting your assertion "It was a
collaboration in any case". 

The surgeon performing a caesarian is in no light a parent of the child.  

A thesis chairman who can get alternately distinctly amused and frustrated
by a student's logic is not writing the thesis.  He/she does red line much:
that bunch he/she doesn't peremptorily throw in the trash.  I think my
thesis chairman's major frustration in life right now is the guilt he feels
on not being able to suggest topics simple enough for me.  Even when he
comes up with *The Topic* he still will not be the author of My thesis.

How many scholarly papers are drastically changed every year after peer
review?  The author remains the same and the peer reviewer does not become a
coauthor.  The peer reviewer is not an editor but performs a service for the
editor.  Pound was TSE's peer reviewer.

If TWL is a major event in modernist literature it is to a large part due to
Pound's efforts.  Pound forced TSE to a style and an overall philosophy of
what good modernist literature should be.  But,(!) he was not the author or
editor of TWL.

Richard Seddon