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...  notwithstanding all the stuff we came to believe from your 
abolute  dominance of our media about yourselves.
I don't quite understand how America dominates your media.  I think  that 
Australia controls their own media and what stories they report on and how  
stories are reported, etc.

Just recall we are not the French you like to sneer at. 
I happen to like the French.  I actually speak French.  Paris is  the most 
beautiful large city in the world.

Kate all of us who have been over there where you are feel sorry for  you 
people, no rancour  no nothing it just aint so great where your are  
that's all. You just don't know that elsewhere is better.   Guantanamo?-  
we thiink of it as a disgrace whether the people there  are good or bad. 
And matey that's the opinion of your friends. But I guess  you will want 
to argue about the quality of your urban infrastructure   not whether the 
honourable history of your country is being  soiled.

I actually don't live in an urban area.  I live on a small Florida  island 
where our infrastructure can indeed be shaky at times from those pesky  summer 
storms.  I'm not really worried abut the honorable history of my  country, 
either.  We lived through Vietnam.  We'll live through this  debacle, too.  I just 
hope that our people as a whole don't take it  out on the soldiers, as they 
did in Vietnam.  That was deeply regretted by  everyone.

Have a nice day

Pete (in Melbourne, Australia)
You have a nice day, too.

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