And how absurd of Dido to give that snub Eliot so admired just because
Aeneas loved and abandoned her in the night without telling her in an
astounding act of cowardice.  And what a waste for Emma Bovary, who, had
she had any sense, would have just gotten a divorce and had a career or
met someone else.  And think of Ophelia--how silly to imagine Hamlet was
serious.  Or Desdemona.  What a fool to stick around after getting
slapped in public.  James's heiress, what an idiot.  

There is no end to this.  

Kate wrote:"Emily Hale, I believe, lacked self-esteem, self-sufficiency
and common sense if she really waited for Elliot (sic) for 30 years."

Good thing pop psychology was not around when Homer wrote The Odyssey 
or Penelope would have visited her local Dr. Phil instead of waiting!

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