She waited 30 years for him and he ended up marrying someone else,  but she 
wasn't silly?  He didn't live with her. He didn't ask her  to share his life. 
He didn't even live in the same country as her. How  much happiness did he give 
her in those 30 years and how much pain, but she  wasn't silly?  In 1990, a 
man that I had known for two weeks said  he loved me and then asked me to marry 
him.  I don't know what 1911 has to  do with it.  I wouldn't wait three 
months for a man who said he loved me  but didn't ask me to marry him, never mind 
30 years.  She may have  been intelligent as hell, but about men, she was a 
silly goose and greatly  lacking in self-esteem.
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As I  said, there is no analogy.  In 1911, if a man said he was in love,
it  was to be trusted.  That was the point of those words.  And it  is
frankly disgraceful to say that when a man betrays trust the woman  is
just silly.  It is outrageous.  

>>>  Kate Troy <[log in to unmask]> 06/14/07 8:06 PM >>>

By the  way, Nancy, Annette was also a New England lady.

As I remember, Annette  had a good job and received promotions, etc. She 

owned a nice home.  Emily waited all of those years, instead of pursuing
happiness with a man who wanted to be with her.  I imagine that  Emily
used  to cry 
at Christmas and Thanksgiving and on her  birthday, etc., just as 
Annette used 
to do.

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Emily  Hale was a very accomplished, intelligent woman who  was also a
England  lady in 1911 when she and TSE met--well  before the married Viv.

When they  started writing and seeing each  other, Viv had been put in 
institution.  Hale did not just meet  a married man and "see"  him. 
is no analogy at all.   She was not remotely silly or  naive.  


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