Nancy, I meant what you said! Diana

Nancy wrote:
I am genuinely not clear about what you intend here.  I agree about the
rueful quality, but you seem to be attributing something else to what I
said.  I don't think it is daring just to free associate; I think one
cannot avoid that.  What may be daring is to reveal one's associations
and feelings, but the whole doctrine of "impersonality," I think, was
meant to try to stave that off.  Not that it did.  Everyone speculates

Please explain again?

Nancy, daring is not unrelated to associating freely. The chances of
revealing something unflattering to oneself are great when time is not
taken to compose one's remarks. Eliot says there will be time for
revisions, but the line has a ruefulness about it, as if the speaker
wishes he were more spontaneous. Diana

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