Ken wrote: "And considering the source, quel surpise. "

Christopher Hitchens' book God is Not Great - How Religion Poisons Everything preaches atheism to the unchurched and makes some overly obvious arguments with which few of his readers will disagree. Sample chapters:

Religion Kills,The Metaphysical Claims of Religion are False,The Koran is Borrowed from Both Jewish and Christian Myths,

and so on. For all that, he is not strident and makes a a good case for The Need for a New Enlightenment (another chapter.) The remark on Waugh and Eliot is tossed into a discussion of how the church was a reliable ally for fascist regimes in Europe around the time of WW2 and is not backed up.

I wondered if any TSE listers understood the remark better than I. Diana


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Subject:  Re: Eliot and Waugh's Catholicism
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At 11:04 AM 6/4/2007, Diana Manister wrote:

>David, Evelyn Waugh's catholicism seems not to have been the comfort
>to him that Eliot's Anglican version of the faith was:


Whatever Waugh's problems, the more important observation David makes is:

>Surely, that's wholly inaccurate and totally without foundation
>links Eliot and Waugh and [presumably Roman] 'Catholicism' with

And considering the source, quel surpise.

Ken A.

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