Ken Armstrong wrote:
> Just to stay true to form, let me point out that you are making a huge 
> assumption here: that any suggestion from Viv was bio-induced and not 
> aesthetically or poetically based.

You are quite correct Ken, except for the "huge" part. I didn't really
consider that Vivien made a poetically based request here.  On
reconsidering I see that, to a large degree, I was biased on Valerie's
use of the word "request" (I wonder now if TSE used the same word to
her.) While I can hear a statement like "Tom, I have a request, drop
this line.  It bothers me." I have a hard time with "Tom, I request
that you improve the poem by dropping this line."

But then also, if it had to do with the poetry, then why didn't Vivien
cross out the line at the same time she wrote "Yes" next to the
stanza?  I think that she waited to provide a bit of private spousal

And wouldn't you think that if the line was bad enough for Vivien to
catch that Pound would have been correcting it too?

   Rick Parker