Carrol I just tried this url and it works fine.


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Subject:  Re: FW: Women in Art- 500 years
Date:  Wed, 20 Jun 2007 11:07:19 -0500
Diana Manister wrote:
> Peter, an impressive job of video morphing. Not women in art however.
> Except for Cassatt and Kahlo and possibly one or two other artists,
> the renderers are men. Not depictions of all types of women either,
> but only caucasian women of reproductive age. A better description
> would be White Male Artists' Fantasies of Sexually Alluring Young
> Women. I have no objection to the subject matter, just the agesim and
> ethnocentrism hidden by the title. Not accidental I think that when
> this video ended, adverts for porn videos took its place. Just one
> step away. Diana

As of Wed 11:06 CDT the url does not lead to anything that looks
remotely like that. Is there a name for the video that would help pick
it out? I never read Peter except when others quote him so I didn't see
ther url until you posted it this a.m.


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