Peter, you'll be interested in this:

The gospel according to Hitch

"Christopher Hitchens might be right to denounce religion in God Is Not Great, but in toppling one god, he replaces him with another - himself, says Marry Riddell ",,2094025,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=10


Peter wrote:

Wholey inaccurate and typically whole cloth from Hitchens' own war-drobe.
Time for his brother Peter of (I believe) The Times of London,
to disturb the corpus.
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Perhaps pertinent to this discussion is this excerpt from Christopher Hitchens' new book God is Not Great (p.237):

"Even in a country like England, where fascist sympathies were far less prevalent, they still managed to get an audience in respectable circles by the agency of Catholic intellectuals such as T.S. Eliot and Evelyn Waugh."


Surely, that's wholly inaccurate and totally without foundation links Eliot and Waugh and [presumably Roman] 'Catholicism' with 'Fascism'.
TSE was of course devoutly of the *Anglican* religion whilst Evelyn Waugh displayed much personal commitment and bravery in actively fighting Fascism during WW2. AIUI there was some ambivalence amongst the English 'ruling classes' towards Fascism during the 1930's - Moseleys, Mitfords etc. being extreme examples - but that's another, broader issue...........

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