My only unhealthy "vice" is the cigarettes.  Ten years ago, before I took up running, I smoked 1 1/2 packs of Virginia Slims Lights every day.  I now smoke 1 pack of Virginia Slims Ultra Lights every day.  I enjoy smoking and so the idea of giving them up completely is not appealing at the moment to me, but my goal is to smoke five cigarettes every day (1/4 of a pack).  I figure this would be the equivalent of a non-smoker living in Los Angeles.  I believe that my lungs could live with that for the years to come, taking into consideration the running and my healthy diet.
By the way, CR, walking won't do it. If you are over 30 and want to keep the weight off, you need to do something more high impact.  If you have bad knees, etc. and can't run, then swimming.  That's not to say walking isn't healthy and nurturing, but for purposes of keeping it off, you have to do something more. 
In a message dated 5/4/2007 10:16:26 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, [log in to unmask] writes:
Of course, Kate, balanced and moderate diet as well as 
some form of exercise such as walking or jogging remain the
perennial secret of good health and one should promote them. 
Your regimen is worthy of emulation.

Kate Troy <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
I have the secret and practice it, CR.  I eat what I want often, though not always, and then run 2-3 miles every day in hot Florida weather.  Basically, I eat lightly during the day, fruit and coffee for breakfast, salad or a tuna sandwich or BLT or small slice of pizza for lunch, and then I enjoy myself in the evening, wine and a nice dinner and chocolate after sometimes.  I weigh 128 pounds and I'm 5'8, meaning I'm thin.  The secret is the running and not over-indulging in carbs and sweets.  I've been running for 10 years.  At first, it was difficult, especially since I smoke cigarettes, but I've became a true runner over time, even entered 5K races.  I still smoke, but the doctor cannot tell that from listening through his stethoscope to my lungs.  He is surprised when he sees on the form that I smoke.  The running has kept me thin AND healthy.
In a message dated 5/4/2007 2:47:34 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, [log in to unmask] writes:
Dear Diana,
I'll tell you the ancient Indian secret of gobbling up all one loves to
-- no bars to any number of Dove bars -- and still stay slim and trim ! 
That'll not help your mails, though, from sneaking into my Bulk Folder :) 
Those who're keen to learn the secret should feel free to e-mail me.
It's gratis !!!

Diana Manister <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
CR wrote: "It's strange your e-mail was lying in my Bulk Folder"
I've got to stop indulging in those Dove bars and slim down!    Diana

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