Sounds good to me, but that responsible effort seems to go unrecognised
by some. Change is difficult.
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As to Wikipedia, everything posted is vetted by a team of volunteers, usually the same day. I have seen them question and/or change obscure details in articles I've posted there on artists and writers, and was favorably impressed. They are especially useful for listing author's works, which either exist or do not; checking that is not difficult. But Wikipedia provides a up-to-date point of departure.



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The point, unfortunately, is not about speed but about the knowledge of
those who post.  They may as easily post greater mistakes as any
improvement.  Unless one already knows, one doesn't know from what they

>>> Peter Montgomery <[log in to unmask]> 05/25/07 4:03 AM >>>
If one looks at print encyclopedias these days, one may have paws for
thought. They have always been, at best, places to start, but these
days info changes so rapidly, only on-line encyc.s stand a chance of
being really reliable, and even that can be questioned. For the on
line addicted W. is at least a place to start, and credit even should
be given for improvements submitted to W. when further research leads
to better work, verification or discrediting. Such hound work is
attractive to the googlizers. It could motivate them.

Bottom line, don't dismiss it out of hand as a learning opportunity.


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I thought this might be useful regarding Wikipedia's accuracy:

It's a fairly good "gateway" to information, but it's not consistently
reliable. If the founder himself says any student who relies on
deserves an "F", well...

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>I think it useful to note that wikipedia is not reliable.  It is free
> anyone to post anything.  They can't even get Hugh MacDiarmid's name
> right, so I would not count on the information there.
> Cheers,
> Nancy
>>>> David   Boyd <[log in to unmask]> 05/23/07 12:32 PM >>>
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> David Boyd <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> If anyone has any information at all about TSE's contacts with the
> Anglican
> monk, teacher, theologian and historian Bro. George Every of the
> Society of
> the Sacred Mission, Kelham, where TSE often spent spiritual  retreats,
> I'd be
> most grateful to hear from them.
> Every 'jumped-ship' to the Roman Catholic faith in 1972 and spent the
> last
> 31 years of his life at Oscott Seminary in Birmingham and his work and
> his
> interest in Little Gidding and Ferrar is said to have inspired that
> particular
> 'Quartet'. Although his correspondence with TSE and with many  other
> literary
> luminaries and the like must have been immense both in volume  and
> significance, little now seems to remain. Ackroyd mentions Kelham very
> briefly in his
> bio. but nothing I can see relating to Every personally, who  died as
> recently as
> 2003, aged 94.
> Regards
> David Boyd
> Seascale, Cumbria UK
> Please look up the following  links:
> _
> (
> _
> (
> I extracted them from Google by entering "TS  Eliot and George Every
> Kelham".
> Best,
> CR
> Many thanks, both CR and Diana - it's was material other than the
> culprits which emerge from Google and like I was seeking, but 'Every'
> is an
> ubiquitous word to search-for unless modified by 'Kelham' or 'Eliot'
> similar.
> Regards
> David

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