I roam the whole universe from here. - Han-shan
Charles Simic

Description of a Lost Thing

It never had a name,
Nor do I remember how I found it.
I carried it in my pocket
Like a lost button
Except it wasnít a button.

Horror movies,
All-night cafeterias,
Dark barrooms
And poolhalls,
On rain-slicked streets.

It led a quiet, unremarkable existence
Like a shadow in a dream,
An angel on a pin,
And then it vanished.
The years passed with their row

Of nameless stations,
Till somebody told me this is it!
And fool that I was,
I got off on an empty platform
With no town in sight.


Peter Montgomery <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
A good set of tasks.
For me, somewhere in there is the element of universality,
... getting in touch with the sense of connectedness to past and future and to
the human condition in general. Because 9/11 the image of falling towers
is reinforced....
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Dear Nancy
Reading a poem is multi-tasking to me
There is the poem and the enjoyment I get from the rhythms and the sounds of the words.  This doesnít change  with knowledge.
When I finish a poem I am left with an overall impression, call it an unworded understanding, a feeling about the poem.  This is unchanged with knowledge of the poetís life or circumstances.  It is changed by knowledge of another readerís impression.
There is the a worded meaning of what  I understand from a poem.  That changes with additional readings and with insight from others readings.  It changes little from my understanding better the details of a poetís life
Then there is the detail in the poem.  Who was Marie?  Why the other languages?  What about the Tarot pack?  Etc, etc, etc.  This is of course greatly affected by background knowledge of the poet.
I enjoy good poetry for the richness that good poetry brings to each of these tasks.
Rick Seddon
Portales, New Mexico

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