Hi Temur,

I'm VERY interested in attending this symposium.
Is one required to give a paper, if one attends?


Peter Montgomery
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Subject: International Symposium on T.S.Eliot, Dante, and the European

> Dear Listers,
> I have never been very active on the list but I have been carefully
> all the major discussions for over 6 years. Some of your info on TSE's
> poetry and criticism, so generously outspoken in these discussions helped
> me to complete some of research which was very important to me, and to
> start new one, perhaps equally important. I remember Pat Sloane (may God
> rest her soul in peace), Umberto Rossi, Arwin van Arum and others who do
> not any more contribute to the list.
> When I read Jennifer's, or Peter's, or Rick's comments (sorry for not
> mentioning all the names, I do not remember them all right now) I am
> impressed by the scholarly knowledge of Eliot's poetry these people have
> acquired through years of reading and research. Sadly enough, my own books
> and articles are published mostly in Georgian which is my native tongue
> are, therefore, unknown to the English-speaking audience.
> What I am saying is that this list is a unique international community of
> scholars and enthusiasts, which deserves that its members know each other
> personally (though some of you of course do), or have an opportunity to
> discuss Eliot's poetry at non-virtual, real-life meetings.
> That's why I hoped you might be interested in participating in a symposium
> on 'T.S.Eliot, Dante, and the European Tradition' we are planning for 2008
> in Florence, Italy.
> The topic of the conference is in fact the interrelation history of
> Anglo-American Modernism with the Italian culture, and in a broader sense
> with the European culture on the whole. So we hoped that part of your
> research interests would correspond to this topic, as the List discussions
> often reflect the very essence of the conference subject. Therefore, we
> would highly appreciate it if some of you find time to attend the
> conference and make a presentation.
> 'We' are the co-organizers of the symposium, Professor Paul Douglass of
> Jose State University, San Jose, CA, and myself, Professor Temur
> of Metekhi National University, Tbilisi, Georgia. The symposium is
> sponsored by Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation, and Promo Florence Events,
> Florence, Italy, and is scheduled for 19-25 January, 2008.
> Please see attached draft of a call for papers and programmme.
> For further information, please see the Symposium website:
> Warmest wishes,
> Temur
> =====================================
> Professor Temur Kobakhidze
> Chair, Department of English,
> Director, American Studies Graduate Program,
> Metekhi National University, Tbilisi, Georgia
> Tel.: +995 (32) 99 73 93; Fax: +995 (32) 93 40 93


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