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Thanks, Diana.  Of special interest, as the note says, is the recording of TWL:
"The recording of 'The Waste Land' presented here is a particularly exciting find. It dates from 1935, a decade earlier than the well-known and much more widely available 1946 recording. Whilst the sound quality is understandably not so good, the recording is fascinating for Eliot's faster, more energetic rendition. Listening to this urgent interpretation blows the dust of this iconic poem and helps us encounter it afresh. "
~ CR

Dear CR,

(you have no idea how much it pains me having to use your acronym..!)

The earlier recording  of TWL is indeed a bit faster and more energetic than the one from '46 that I own (thanks to David Boyd's kindness, having sent me a CD some years ago) .

However, one of the most striking difference between the two seem to occur in the very beginning: 
n the early version TSE reads  the first lines as they are written, with somewhat artificial pauses between "April is the cruellest month, breeding (pause) lilacs out of the dead land, mixing (pause) memory and desire, stirring (pause)..." etc.

I prefer the '46 reading with its more natural flow, with pauses in their natural places, and also  recite it in that manner.

Due to "the wisdom of old men" he most likely opted for the '46 variance himself -- " but these are all hints and guesses"...