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At 01:13 PM 4/1/2007, Timothy Materer wrote:
>This is the notice, sent out monthly with the TSE FAQ, to confirm your
>list membership.
>To confirm, simply point your browser to the following URL:
>(T. S. Eliot Discussion List Frequently Asked Questions File)
>This is the latest draft of a monthly informational posting for TSE, the
>T. S. Eliot Discussion Forum. "Monthly" in the sense of "updated about
>once a year." At present, it is an FAQ for the TSE list only, not for
>Eliot's life and works. Questions and suggestions are welcome, and may be
>sent to either Greg Foster
><[log in to unmask]> or Timothy Materer
><[log in to unmask]>.
> 1. Introduction: What is TSE? Why?
> 2. How to Subscribe, Unsubscribe, and Post to the List.
> 3. Guidelines for Posting.
> 4. Accessing the List Archives.
> 5. Making the Listserv Do Your Bidding.
> 6. The TSE List Home Page
> 7. Where Can I Find More Information?
> TSE is an electronic discussion list devoted to the works and life of
> the Anglo-American poet, playwright, and critic T. S. Eliot (1888-1965).
> It was created in November 1995 by two Eliot enthusiasts at the
> University of Missouri-Columbia, Greg Foster and Timothy Materer. The
> list is unmoderated, and is open to all readers of Eliot--poets,
> scholars, students, fans, and the merely curious. In addition to
> providing an open forum for conversation about any aspect of Eliot's
> poems and other writings, the list will be a resource for working
> scholars, who are encouraged to post queries and confer about work in
> progress.
> A. To SUBSCRIBE to TSE, send a message to
> [log in to unmask], leaving the
> Subject line blank. In the body of the message, type the single line:
> SUBSCRIBE TSE Yourfirstname Yourlastname
> where "Yourfirstname Yourlastname" is your real name.
> B. To UNSUBSCRIBE, send the following message to
> [log in to unmask], again leaving
> the Subject line blank:
> You do not have to add your name when unsubscribing.
> If the above command doesn't work: Please contact Greg Foster
> <[log in to unmask]>, who is the
> listowner who handles this sort of thing. And please be patient. There
> are a number of reasons why an unsubscribe request might not work, but
> none of them is a function of an arrogant disregard for our listmembers,
> whatever it may seem to you. PLEASE DO NOT SEND UNSUBSCRIBE REQUEST
> AND/OR THREATS TO THE LIST ITSELF!! This amounts to harassment of several
> hundred innocent listmembers, and we will treat it as such.
> C. To POST messages to the list, use the address:
> [log in to unmask] N.B. Everything posted
> by list members to [log in to unmask] will
> be automatically distributed to everyone on the list. For obvious
> reasons, then (I say again), DO NOT SEND UNSUBSCRIBE REQUESTS OR OTHER
> LIST COMMANDS TO THIS ADDRESS! (For more information, see Making the
> Listserv Do Your Bidding, below.)
> TSE is an unmoderated list, which means that we don't screen your
> posts before they are distributed to the list of subscribers. We would
> like to keep it that way. It is in the interests of all us on the list,
> therefore, to adhere to a few basic guidelines based largely on netiquette:
> 1. We encourage wide-ranging discussions about any aspect of T. S.
> Eliot's works or life, in addition to works (including our own) about
> Eliot and related topics (Modernism, etc). Queries are always welcome.
> The best informal criterion is simply that a post's subject matter should
> be likely to be of interest to people interested in Eliot.
> 2. Readers of all levels are welcome, from novices to established
> authorities. Accordingly, a spirit of mutual respect and tolerance must
> prevail in our responses to one another. This does not mean that we are
> not free to disagree and even to express our disagreements vehemently;
> but such expressions must stop short of personal attacks.
> 3. Students submitting queries should remember that this list is
> made up of private individuals who post to it in their free time.
> Although posts from high school and college students have usually been
> thoughtful in every sense of the word, every now and then we get a post
> of the form, "Please send me information about 'The Love Song of J.
> Alfred Prufrock.' I have a paper due tomorrow." This shows little
> consideration for others' time--and for that matter, little careful
> consideration of the subject the poster is writing about. Two basic
> suggestions: Make your queries as specific as possible, and Try to ask
> questions that will open up discussion.
> 4. All posts should carry a descriptive Subject line, and
> responses to others' posts should retain the previous Subject line unless
> the topic under discussion has shifted. (Most mailers automatically
> retain Subject lines if you respond by means of the Reply function.) The
> primary reason for using descriptive Subject lines is consideration: not
> everyone will be interested in every discussion we have (strange but
> true!), and those especially who have to pay for their e-mail or their
> time online will appreciate the option of choosing which posts they want
> to read. Retaining established Subject lines also enables list members to
> read threads of particular interest to them in sequence.
> 5. Replies to others' posts should only quote as much of the
> original message as is necessary to establish context. To quote the
> entire text automatically is often not only to waste bandwidth but also
> to inconvenience your fellow list members.
> Those things said, I should also say that on the whole (one or two
> unfortunate lapses not withstanding), discussions on the list over the
> past year and a half have been models of consideration and generosity. We
> have certainly had our disagreements, and we will continue to have them;
> but at our best, we are able to enjoy them. Quite a few friendships have
> started on the TSE List. We are in good company.
> Perhaps the most important principle to keep in mind is that a list
> like TSE constitutes a self-governed international community. When
> disputes (inevitably) arise, we trust in each other's ability to speak
> out, knowing that the rest of us are willing to listen and to do our best
> to settle them--because we want the conversation to go on.
> The TSE Archives, originally gopher-accessible and later searchable
> through a web-based interface to the MHonArc program, are now not
> web-accessible at all. The reasons for this have to do with conversion to
> different list software and changes in the local host of the list
> website. We hope this unsatisfactory state of affairs is temporary,
> especially since the current list software, listserv 1.8e, incorporates a
> quite good archiving capability. In the meantime, recent months can be
> accessed by email: send a message to
> [log in to unmask] with the
> content GET LISTSERV REFCARD for more information.
> Send a message to
> [log in to unmask] with the
> content GET LISTSERV REFCARD for more information.
> The TSE List Home Page is at
> http://web.missouri.edu/~umcastselist/,
> which is probably exactly where you are presently reading it. In addition
> to this FAQ, this page is home to an online concordance to Eliot's
> Collected Poems and various other resources of interest to listmembers.
> Suggestions welcome!
> A number of internet sites contain useful information on T. S. Eliot,
> including biographical summaries, texts (many inaccurate and posted in
> violation of copyright laws--be careful!), parodies, and pictures. For a
> jumping-off place, try the short list of top-notch sites listed on our T.
> S. Eliot Links page.
> TSE subscribers may also be interested in the ModBrits list, a
> moderated Internet discussion list devoted to Modern British and Irish
> literature, 1895-1955. To subscribe to MODBRITS, send e-mail to
> [log in to unmask]
> Another interesting e-list that often touches on Eliot is the
> unmoderated Modernism List. To subscribe to the Modernism List, Send a
> [log in to unmask], leaving the
> Subject line blank. The Modernism List also maintains an online FAQ and a
> List Home Page. Its archives are accessible on the Web.
> A survey of the many thousands of print resources devoted to Eliot is
> beyond the feasible scope of this document, though our eventual T. S.
> Eliot FAQ and online bibliography will provide a start in that direction.
> (Stay tuned!)
> Finally, please feel free to send questions and suggestions to the
> list, or to either of the listowners, Greg Foster
> <[log in to unmask]> and Timothy Materer
> <[log in to unmask]>, whose e-mail
> addresses you may have noticed repeated like a mantra every few lines
> throughout the foregoing.
>Main | Publications | Concordance | Archives | Links
>Greg Foster <[log in to unmask]>
>TSE: The T. S. Eliot List
>Timothy Materer
>Department of English
>University of Missouri
>Columbia MO 65211
>Fax 573 882 5785

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