I was doing a web search for "Jean Verdenal" and "Pau" today and found
a death notice for Doctor Jean Verdenal who passed away this March

In 1976 George Watson published an article about T.S. Eliot's friend
Jean Verdenal.  He interviewed Jean's brother Pierre for a substantial
amount of the information he gathered.

In 1996 Claudio Perinot published another article on Jean Verdenal.
This was mainly an interview with Pierre's son and Jean's nephew, also
named Jean Verdenal.

I have not yet heard from Perinot if the deceased is the same man that
he interviewed but it seems extremely likely.

The death notice was seen Friday, April 13th, 2007 on the webpage

A translation is:

   Tuesday March 13, 2007:


   We have just learned the death from Doctor JEAN VERDENAL following a
   surgical operation. Jean Verdenal was the Director of the publication
   of "The Pyrenees."  We will reconsider this sad news later on.
   Funerals will proceed on Saturday March 17 at 10 a.m. in the Saint
   Martin's day church of Pau.

Perinot's article is republished on my website at URL:

More Verdenal information is at URL:

   Rick Parker