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At least they're low-rise, semi-natural structures, which give  pleasure to 
many and maintain park-keepers in employment, Gunnar   - and the reference to 
'little lake' wasn't meant at all literally, at  all.......

I wonder what the size of the contraption has to do  with its quality, or its 



Surely not at all in the same league and certainly not so  visually intrusive 
as many monstrous glass/steel/concrete multistorey  'buildings' / blocks and 
semi-natural in the sense that whether one likes  them or not they're usually 
a kind-of moving, mechanized flower bed which a few  trees or shrubs can 
usually very effectively screen from public view and  possible aesthetic apoplexy 
amongst architects / public alarm. No doubt  somewhere on the Web there's a 
'Friends of Flower-Clocks' Society, but  I won't be joining - just defending 
their right to dangle their dahlias and  display their delphiniums in the privacy 
of their own public  parks .......