Ken Armstrong <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>  Is that unitied or untied? :)

That is one of the the words I've had trouble with since since elementary
school.  I've got plenty more.

>  1922 and earlier -- so ok, that would work with a CD this year for  
> 1922, another next year for 1923, and so forth?

Nope, not that easy. I'd have to do all that work I mentioned the other  
The copyright provisions get complicated really fast after 1922.  And now,
instead of knowing that X years after the year on the copyright notice the
work passes into the public domain (and knowing that the work was in the
public domain if there was no notice), the law (U.S.) says that the work
doesn't have to be registered or copyright claimed and no date or author
need be named; if someome wrote it then that is who has the copyright.
Find out who that is and then figure out date of death, add Y years and
then wait for the following year and it is public domain. It's a real

> I see on individual journals are available from $8.95 to  
> $300.00+. Given the fact that other Eliot sources -- letters and  
> uncollected pieces -- will not be out until some years from now, this  
> might be a good project for someone. But that does raise the question of  
> the uncollected stuff that was discussed a few months ago -- presumably  
> some of that will come from The Criterion? STill, if one were to do up a  
> nice CD of the first Criterion volume today and sell it for a reasonable  
> amount...

Then someone with $8.95 buys the CD and makes copies to sell for $7.95
(or give away) and it is perfectly legal because the work is in the
public domain.  That's one reason I put up copies of essays and books
for free on my website.  I figure that the income from selling the stuff
isn't worth the keeping records for tax purposes.  I'm a terrible

     Rick Parker