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> Here's a total irrelevancy: Anyone ever heard of a flower clock? They  
> were very big in England during Eliot's time. Woodhouse mentions them in  
> a Bertie and Wooster story. Diana

There is one at Niagara Falls, Canadian side.  Take your passport if you
want W. to let you back home.

Gunnar Jauch wrote:
> since my mail to you keeps bouncing back -- whatever happened to THE  
> CLOCK???
> Happy Easter to you and Peggy,

Thank you Gunnar.  Wonderful spring skiing to you.
As for the bouncing: my ISP is excellent on stopping spam but every so  
it blocks the good stuff too.

The clock is just a bit of someone else's code that I put in my "temp" (for
"temporary" directory but has lasted almost five years.  The code is still
there in the source of the webpage and it stills works in 2 out of the 3
browsers that I use (the latest Opera and an ancient Netscape, both running
on Linux.)

The clock is at