Dear Eliot listers: April is not only the cruellest month, it is Poetry Month, and all poetry sites are overloaded with visitors., for which I am a moderator, is totally dead until Monday. We all had trouble getting on it this month, so the Academy of American Poets, which sponsors the forum, tried to install a bigger server and of course Murphy's law prevailed, as it usually does when it comes to computer networks. We are all hoping our data was not lost in the process.

I suppose it is encouraging that, as we've heard at, teachers are instructing their English students to visit poetry sites. When you realize that nowadays each student probably has his or her own computer, and multiply this by all the schools in the country, then add the library computers, you can see why poetry sites are going down. Worst case scenario: wait until May!

The page with the Eliot recordings is:

If you have difficulty accessing it, you may want to try the Poetry Archive homepage:

There you will find links to other historic recordings, including

 "A Subaltern's Love Song" and "Youth and Age on Beaulieu River" by John Betjeman

Very best, Diana Manister

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Anyone else having trouble accessing this site? Even when I try to get to it using a Google search, it comes up in the search results but the page never comes up, just a message that the browser couldn't find it.

Ken A.

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>Great experience -- indeed!

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