Might it be a Frenchman's wry comment on Darwin's theory of evolution? Origin of Species was published in English around 1859 I believe, but have no idea when it might have been published in France. Just a thought. Diana

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Subject:  "L'on porte partout le cadaver de son grand-pér e."
Date:  Tue, 10 Apr 2007 12:49:01 -0500
Herbert Howarth's Notes on Some Figures Behind T. S. Eliot originally  had a chapter that related Eliot's poems to figures, such as Eliot's  grandfather, from the poet's family life. The chapter was dropped  because Eliot disapproved of it.

The title of this chapter was "Cadavers carried everywhere" in an  allusion to the author who, reacting against tradition, said  something about the burden of the past: "L'on porte partout le  cadaver de son grand-pére." Does anyone know who this author might  be? I seem to remember Wyndham Lewis quoting this remark, but after  much searching I still can't find the source.

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