What does the text look like to you?  I suppose that I could try to
change fonts, but I can't change AOL.  I'm
not particularly set on AOL, but we've had this service for years and my
husband has built up contacts through AOL and more importantly, he would
not wish to change his email address for business reasons. Kate 


The only way I got the text above into this message was by cutting and
pasting it. Clicking "quote" does not quote but only _attaches_ your
message. So the text looks o.k., but quoting it creates these long crazy
posts in which messages 3 days back still come tailing along.

Incidentally, you can use more than one service. Download
foxfire/thunderbird, then sign up for the free e-mail service from
Yahoo. Use that for e-lists. 

(I think that it is possible to configure AOL for plain text but
devilishly difficult.)

To let you see the difference, I will reply to your post again, but
clicking quote. Then I will also reply to my own post, clicking quote.
You will be able to see the difference.