Of course, the silly thing is that most men, no matter their ethnic background or religion, at least in America and in Western Europe and I suspect elsewhere, are definitely preoccupied wtih both money and sex. 
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According to Grover Smith (T.S. Eliot's Poetry and Plays:
A Study in Sources and Meaning) Bleistein's cigar symbolizes
"fleshly greed and gluttony".
PM: That would make more sense, but does he give any reason for such a view?

         The thing is, Blestein's activities as described, are presented as
         ("But") from Burbank's, and there is no sexual activity associated

PM: A further thought:

There is nothing in the poem to indicate that Burbank is Jewish.
Which may be yet another jibe aginst the Jews. The non-Jew gets
his kicks from sex. The Jew is much more preoccupied with mucking
with money.


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