It's telling that the Prime Minister of France announced this new policy. In our country, in the states that have such smoking bans, the bans were voted in by a referendum of the peaple in those states.  Intrestingly, the bans differ state by state.  Some states have no smoking bans at all.  In Florida, the ban includes restaurants, but not bars.  In California, the ban includes most restaurants and bars, but smoking is allowed in establishments where there are no employees.  In other words, if the owners of the restautrants are themselves the servers, cooks, etc. and hire no employees, then they may allow smoking in their establishments.
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Of dark truth
Traditional Gauloises were short, wide, unfiltered and made with dark tobaccos from Syria and Turkey which gave off a strong and distinctive smell. Some non-smokers compared this to burning tar or the smoke of what King James VI of Scotland (and I of England), in A Counterblast to Tobacco, called "that pit which is bottomless".
Passive smoking kills about 13 people a day in France, Mr de Villepin said, calling the situation "unacceptable".
Mr de Villepin made the announcement in a television interview.
"We started on the basis of a simple observation - two figures: 60,000 deaths a year in our country linked directly to tobacco consumption and 5,000 deaths linked to passive smoking.
"It is an unacceptable reality in our country in terms of public health," he said.  
Opinion polls in France - often considered a nation of smokers - suggest 70% of the people support the ban, says the BBC's Valerie Jones in Paris.
The European Union's most enthusiastic smokers are in Greece, Cyprus and Portugal, according to findings published in May this year.
The figures are daunting, and the facts grim :(
Between the idea / And the reality...
Falls the Shadow
     For Thine is
     Life is
     For Thine is the
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And see
- even smelly old Galouises in French cafes now on hit list - can't imagine the peasants of rural France will approve at all !
- not sure what's happening in other EU countries - the Danes for example seem very fond indeed of their fags - which is not what one would expect in an otherwise very sophisticated / highly educated nation.......

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