At 12:26 PM 2/16/2007, Carrol Cox wrote:
>Tom Colket wrote:
> >
> > Maybe. But it would be helpful to at least consider what "Burbank" is about
> > before making statements like this.
> > Maybe the poem deals with the ending of the Roman Empire and the coming of
> > Christianity, rather than being about a Jew hatefully about to enjoy a
> > Christian woman.
> >
> > Just for your consideration . . .
>If this is s, then we can only assume that Eliot is something of a
>retard, to be so incapable of realizing the resonances of his chosen

   Some advice, Carrol: speak for yourself, and remember to consider the 
quality of your own figurations when espying negative qualities in others. 
The projections you see may be your own.

>Choose: either the poem is a bad poem _or_ an anti-semitic poem. Do you
>really think Eliot could be this obtuse?

   Of course, this compulsion to choose is completely manufactured: the 
poem is neither anti-semitic nor bad. It is difficult, and serious, though 
not so difficult that some answers should be relatively easy to find, such 
as who it is that walks on water and what is the image of Christ crucified, 
to address Diana's query.

Ken A.