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Subject: CFP UPDATE: New Austrian Film Book

Call for Papers UPDATE:  New Austrian Film Book (03/31/07; collection)
Robert von Dassanowsky (University of Colorado, Colorado Springs/UCLA) and
Oliver C. Speck (University of North Carolina, Wilmington) solicit abstracts for English-language essays to be included in a proposed volume on New Austrian Film. Deadline has been extended and the call now also includes scholarly articles previously published in journals (no books) for which the author holds copyright or can obtain reprint rights. Credit will be given to the previous publication.
This volume is intended as a reader which makes this new wave accessible to non-German speaking academics, students, filmmakers, critics and cineastes. Given the limited crossover between film studies, Germanist/Austrianist, gender studies, and popular culture/history readership, a mix of new and previously published articles will provide a unique basic source for wider reception.
We invite a variety of academic approaches (close readings, psychoanalytical, anthrocultural, sociopolitical, new historicist, feminist, postmodernist, literary adaptation, etc.) to the period and the artists (directors, writers, actors, producers) of New Austrian Film, beginning with its roots in the early 1980s (the onset of the national film fund; provocative historical confrontations utilizing traditional structure such as Antel's "Der Bockerer" and Glück's "38"; feminist narratives as in Export's "Die Praxis der Liebe") to the present. Topics may also include examinations of feature, documentary and experimental genres; (co-)production modes; national, regional and international reception; political, ethnic and social influences and ramifications. Filmmakers of interest include Albert, Gräftner, Seidl, Hausner, Derflinger, Glawogger, Tscherkassky, Arnold, Widrich, Schwabenitzky, Beckermann, Heller, Schmiderer, Sauper, Mader, Sicheritz, Ruzowitzky, Spielmann, Sturminger, Draschan, Manker, Stepanik, Schindel, Unger, Minck, Covi, Frimmel.
Please note that we are currently over-submitted on Haneke, so unless you feel you have a particularly unique take on the director, or he is part of a comparative analysis with an/other Austrian director(s), please consider submitting on one of the above listed topics.
Please send proposal abstracts or summaries of previous publication to which you hold copyright with e-mail header "New Austrian Film Book" of up to 500 words (in Microsoft Word) and a short cv or biography in the same attachment to both Robert von Dassanowsky ([log in to unmask]) and Oliver C. Speck ([log in to unmask]).
 The new deadline for abstracts/summaries is March 31, 2007. Accepted contributions (7,000 words max.) will be due in October 2007.
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