German Studies Association 2007
Panel: Beyond the Gorgon’s Gaze – 
Representing Hitler in German Cinema
Call for Papers

Over the past five years, more films about Hitler have been produced in 
Germany than in the previous five decades. Some of these films, like Der 
Untergang (2004) and Mein Führer (2007), have had a mixed critical reception 
in the German media, but on the whole turned out to be very popular with the 
general audience. There can be little doubt that these biopics of the Führer 
are part of a larger transformation in Germany’s (cinematic) engagement with 
its past. The question remains whether they indicate a new, more comfortable 
attitude towards this past or rather a problematic return to what Saul 
Friedländer called ‘voluptuous anguish and ravishing images, images one would 
like to see going on forever’. The panel examines Hitler’s recent re-appearance 
on the screen, contrasting it with earlier filmic portrayals and interrogating its 
implications for the future place of the Third Reich in Germany’s collective 

Please send a 200-word abstract to Karolin Machtans, [log in to unmask], 
Department of German, University of Cambridge, and Martin Ruehl, 
[log in to unmask], Faculty of History, University of Cambridge.

Deadline for abstracts: 9 February 2007.

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