*Negotiating Identity: Navigating through Different Times and Spaces*

Sixth Biennial Graduate Student Conference Department of Germanic Studies
Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana February 16-18, 2007 Keynote
Address by Julia Hell Plenary Address by Carmen Taleghani-Nikazm

The term 'identity' bears various meanings, individual and collective,
familial and generational, imposed or perceived by others and self-chosen.
The problems and possibilities of identity, whether personal, communal or
national, exist among every group of people, but have found particularly
interesting and at times alarming manifestations in German regions and
culture throughout the centuries. From the wide variety of regional
identities present within German speaking countries, to the rampant
assertion of Germanic identity in the Third Reich, and to the problems of
identity facing post-WWII and post-Reunification Germans today, there is a
great deal of ground to cover on this topic in German Studies.

*Call for Papers*

We invite contributions that explore the topic of identity in all its
manifestations. The conference encourages papers to consider issues of
digital and traditional media; language; technology; and visual and musical
arts as they affect the main theme. We welcome interdisciplinary papers,
ranging from literature to sociolinguistics, that place German and Germanic
Studies in a larger context.

*Possible topics include, but are not limited to*

Historical and Contemporary German National Identities
English in German: Hip-Culture, Education, and Power
Identity under Transformation: Reconsideration, Reconstruction, and
Commercial Identities, Legal Identities and Other Negotiating Positions
Gender Identity
Identity and Naming Conventions
Exile Literature
Regional Identities and Dialects
Identity among German Minorities
Identity and the German Sie/du Address Forms
Identity in Music, Identity through Music
False Pretexts
Social Stratification and Identity
Being Cool, Being Square
Failed Identities
Hegemony and German Identity
Ironic and Provisional Identities
Foreign Perceptions of Germany and Germans
Autobiography and the Self-Constructed Identity
German Identity in the US

*Please submit abstracts _electronically_ (ca. 250 words) by January 14,
2007 to*

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