Profession and Professionalism

Berufung und Beruf


The Group on German Women's Writing of the 18th and 19th Centuries

invites papers for the Annual Meeting 2007


May 17-19, 2007


Belmont University

Nashville, TN 37212



Proposals are requested for a symposium on writings by German-speaking 
women of the 18th and 19th centuries. This year's symposium strives to 
investigate the lives, roles and works of women who turned what they 
professed into a profession. Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary 
interests and cross-national explorations are welcome. Graduate students 
are encouraged to present their dissertation research.


Papers might address the following topics but are not limited to:

"Productive Men and Reproductive Women"

Women as Scholars

Women and Science

Women and Medicine, Women as Herbalists, Healers, Midwives

Women as Educators, Teachers and Governesses

Women as Artists, Writers, Painters, Illustrators, Composers, Performers

Women in Business

Women and the Oldest Profession

Hausvater- und Hausmutterliteratur

Failures and Successes


Deadline: March 1, 2007

Papers may focus on specific writers or works or take a thematic approach.


Please submit 1-2 page proposals in English or German by either e-mail 
or "snail mail" to


Regine Schwarzmeier

Dept. of Foreign Languages

Belmont University

1900 Belmont Blvd.

Nashville, TN 37212


Fax: (615) 460 5720


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