Lugubriously interesting. Didn't see any bats with baby faces though.

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  Rick, thank you for the text. The following Bosch paintings may not be the exact ones for which you are searching, but they are close in imagery:


  St. Christopher Carrying the Christ Child through a Sinful World,
  Bosch, c1520




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    David Boyd wrote:
    > HELL  [and a goodly number of earthly manifestations thereof ] comes at
    > once to mind...........

    Dear Temur,

    You asked for more Flemish influences upon Eliot.  This note for line
    380 of TWL is taken from

         According to Eliot (Poems, 1910-1930, p. 155), these details were
         inspired by a painting from the school of Hieronymus Bosch (a
         fifteenth-century Dutch artist), one called "Hell" or "The Sinful
         World" and forming a diptych with Bosch's "Deluge." In a part of the
         painting one can see a bat-like creature with dull human features
         crawling headfirst down a rock wall. See Charles de Tolnay, Hieronymus
         Bosch (Basel: Holbein, 1937), plate 25. Bosch's horrific late Gothic
         style shows, with extraordinary vividness, allegories of Hell, the
         fallen world of vice, and wasting self-slaughter.

    This is really a lifting of what Grover Smith wrote first in his
    "T.S. Eliot's Poetry and Plays: A Study in Sources and Meanings",
    pp. 94-5.  Smith noted "Poèmes 1910-1930", p. 155 and also noted the
    same place to go to see the painting.

    I've tried to find a copy of the painting on the web but gave up.  It
    is an altarpiece in Rotterdam and is actually likely a triptych with a
    missing center panel.

         Rick Parker

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