Time for a good word
The discussion at times revolves around issues -- such as
"time" and "consciousness" -- which are rather philosophical
and not always within easy grasp. Eliot was a philosopher
as well as a poet -- and so he may be at home with Heraclitus
as much as with Buddha. The participants at the list are not
always experts on every topic of discussion -- and they may
not always be as equipped with information or be in touch
with what scholarship has said.
Well, we are here to enjoy and appreciate the subtle nuances
of beauty -- both of style and substance -- that go into the
shaping of a work of art. Raising the right questions at the List
is as important as, if not more than, coming up with the right
or near-right answers. It shouldn't matter if the answers elude
us. What is significant is that in the course of our earnest probing,
we sow these questions into our psyche, work at solutions for
them, as well as let the unconscious work on them. It doesn't
matter if we fail to resolve certain perplexing issues. For if we
remain earnest and steadfast in our pursuit, the answers would
come our way in the course of our explorations -- eventually. 
More often than not, they do :)
So, please take the creative tension that the Forum
at times puts you into in its right spirit. We should salute
our failures as much as our successes. And we should
feel free to withdraw from the discussion if we feel
it's getting messy, cumbersome or tedious. We don't
necessarily have to assign reasons. For we're not
here to prove our point. We are "here to inform
curiosity" --  ours more than others'. :) 
~ CR

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