Thanks, David. I'm sorry I never yet applied my mind to the
AIR/EARTH/WATER/FIRE aspects of this poem. But now
when you specifically draw my attention to it, I shall certainly
study the poem from this angle.
As for the "given" names in the titles of the four movements,
my only point was that these names would probably have the
added fascination for the poet of carrying the connotations
I adduce to them.
Well, more on this after I finish reading the article.  It got left off :)
~ CR

David Boyd <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
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Thanks, Vishvesh.
Incidentally, this article provides me an occasion to share a flash
I had had years ago as to the symbolic significance of the titles of
the four movements of the poem:
Burnt Norton : Norton as the poet's fictional name -- this Norton
obviously has a history of  having been "burnt" by the "fires" oof
this world.
East Coker : The light comes from the East -- heralded by the
crowing of a cock. This is the light that comes from Norton's cultural
heritage, from his "tradition". A little license, perhaps, in reading a
"cock" in "Coker" :)
Dry Salvages : Norton reviews the futility of salvaging his lot in
earthly perspectives of time -- such salvages he finds, at best, 
only "dry".
Little Gidding : The final answer to all his perplexities is found in
the course of certain fleeting moments of mystical revelation when
the outer sense is benumbed by a certain kind of "giddiness".
Well, I've been encouraged to share this flash, howsoever
capricious it might seem, by the following observation in the
article on 'A Pattern of Timeless Moments' :
"As one’s appreciation of the Quartets deepens, these geographical
titles come to be understood as symbols of significant stages in the
poet’s journey of spiritual self-discovery. "
- AIR/EARTH/WATER/FIRE, also relevant ?  [ - weren't many of these names/titles, such as 'East Coker' a 'given' to TSE and not an outcome of his artifice ?]
Very best wishes

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