Hello Friends,
Prompted by your efforts, I come upon a rather obvious link
that provides a gamut of  Bosche images. I'm equally keen
to spot the bats with baby faces crawling down a blackened
wall. Maybe we come upon them sooner than later. I'm
keeping a vigil :)
~ CR

Rickard A Parker <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Thank you Diana. Using the alternative title of "Fall of the Rebel Angels"
I was able to come up with a number of other images but none any better
than you pointed me to.

It is still hard to see but I do think I see something crawling down
headfirst. I wonder if Eliot had some other painting in mind though.
Does anyone have a fuller quote from "Poemes: 1910-1930", p. 155?

I do web searches like other people do crossword puzzles but images are
a real pain as I'm still using dialup and pages with a lot of images take
such a long time to load I get a bit frustrated about the search time.

Rick Parker

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